Our Purpose

Camp Chet was founded with the purpose of providing a setting where people can encounter God more easily, grow closer with each other, and engage in self-reflection through the beauty of remote outdoor experiences. It encompasses over 900 acres of private forested land on Whitwell Mountain, which is part of the Cumberland Plateau in Southeast Tennessee.

Geographic features include a diverse combination of dense forest, bluffs and rock formations surrounding open spaces, numerous wet weather creeks and waterfalls, expansive views, and miles of hiking trails comprised of forest paths and old wagon roads, coal mining roads, and so much more.

What Does Chet Mean, and how was the Camp Named?

Chet is the 8th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and has the numerical value of 8. It resembles the symbol for Pi and is used as the gate in the fence of the Camp Chet logo. Camp Chet is a subsidiary of Wise Earthworks Inc which is focused on sculpting land with Permaculture practices in mind. The logo background incorporates part of the Wise Earthworks logo as well.

After God led Robert and Ruth to this land for ownership and caretaking, they began asking what He wanted them here for. He had moved them from Colorado to Franklin Tennessee and to the best church they had ever been a part of over the last 40 years. He was moving them again and they knew it was for a bigger purpose than just living off of the land. Through many nudging's, prayers, miracles, and revelations the recurring themes were 'Redemption', 'Renewal', 'Restoration', 'Security', 'Safety', and 'New Beginnings'.

After years of land purchases and small improvements they were finally able to build a house and move onto the property and begin working on it daily instead of just a few weeks out of the year.

A new house gets a new address and Robert initially had hoped, and asked, for a 777 address from the 911 Office (that's who assigns new addresses). That address, however, was unavailable. The office suggested 888 for the number of the property.

At first, Robert was disappointed until Ruth began to look into the meaning of the suggested address. That is when they discovered 888 represents 'Christ the Redeemer' in Greek numerology.

Further research revealed that 8 is Chet in Hebrew. In ancient Hebrew it resembled a gate or fence. According to the book “Revealing the Mysteries of 50 Amazing Words” by C.J. Lovik, Chet means: private, to separate, to protect, place of protection, to be cut off, grace, favor, a place of refuge, a protected garden, quiet place, to be silent and still in security, a fence, a sanctuary, or an inner room.

They also discovered that 8 symbolizes eternity, a new creation, the first in new series, a new birth and super abundance. Eight follows seven (completeness) and stands for a new beginning!

The collective numbers of the address, 888, adds an additional meaning with the trinity of eights being summed up in the first resurrection of the saints (because of Christ’s death), the tree of life, and the beginning brought about by the divine work of the Holy Spirit.

These were all recurring themes in the prior years as Robert and Ruth discussed how they felt God wanted them to utilize the property. They wanted to provide a place of refuge where people can be still, experience a sanctuary, encounter God, and they continually pray that the Holy Spirit’s presence hovers over the mountain at all times. The address and name were perfect.

Over the years there have been too many awesome moments to mention but also plenty of financial, physical, spiritual and relational struggles to confront on this land but when those arise Robert and Ruth look at their mail box and remember that the legal identification of the entrance of this property is 'Christ the Redeemer'. In that small act of kindness Christ put His name and identity on this property and reassures them that they are right where they are supposed to be and doing what He intended and that He will provide, protect, and direct.

Camp Chet is a subsidiary of Wise Earthworks and is a growing farm that incorporates Permaculture principles in its design. We believe man's first intended job was to be the caretaker of the earth/garden and we seek to fulfill that mandate to the best of our ability.

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A little about us


Alpha Omega

He is the reason for everything, everywhere, for all time.


Property Manager

Robert's primary roles tend to be site design, planning, and development. He is the big ideas, long term visionary, impossible dreams guy. He is most often found on a big machine building a road or camp site covered in sweat, dirt and a little blood.


Operations Manager

Ruth's primary roles are guest relations and day to day operations. She is often heard saying "That's a cool idea Robert but how do we pay for that?" or "Get your head out of the clouds and help me with these sheets. She is also chief gardener and lead animal husbandman"